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HelloSkin: HIFU- High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Device

Bold Skincare HelloSkin: HIFU- High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Device

Bold Skincare

HelloSkin: HIFU- High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Device

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Our brand new HelloSkin HIFU device is the best and most modern HIFU technology device available for home-use on the market right now! Never before has this technology been available for use at home. High-intensity focused ultrasound, is one of the most popular procedures performed in medical clinics offered as a non-surgical face lift.

✔️ HIFU might be the number one beauty investment for you if you want to reduce facial wrinkles, tighten any loose skin, and maintain healthy youthful, glowing skin.

✔️ Helloskin uses ultrasound technology to create heat in the dermal layers of your skin. This is where the magic happens. By heating these layers of skin, collagen production is stimulated, leading to more youthful, tighter skin

✔️ Save money by owning your own at home non-surgical face lifting device: By owning your own machine you can maximize your firm, youthful skin results at a fraction of the price that you could by making those expensive appointments at a clinic.

✔️ The HIFU device generates heat within the different layers of the skin which results in tightening of the skin. Safe, non-invasive non invasive stimulation of collagen and elastic fibers in the deep deep fascia SMAS layer.

✔️ The benefits of HIFU are additive. The more treatments you get, the more collagen production you can stimulate and the more long lasting benefits you can enjoy.

✔️ Our HelloSkin HIFU device uses ultrasound energy to heat cells far beneath the surface of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen. This increase in collagen, which is the protein responsible for skin elasticity and firmness, results in tighter-looking skin with fewer wrinkles and improved smoothness. 

✔️ HIFU is quick, non-invasive and relatively painless. Since there is no damage done to the upper layers of skin, there is no downtime involved in this treatment, and customers can go about their day as normal post-treatment.

Use a transducer gel for maximum effectiveness.



I absolutely love my skin scrubber! It arrived super fast and I love how durable and premium it feels. I've used it for two weeks now and I can totally notice the difference on my skin. I totally recommend it!

Judy V.

Buying my own IPL hair removal device was one of the best decision I've made! I thought really hard about going to a clinic to get my hair removal  but I have been so impressed with the Bold Skincare IPL device and with their customer service! You won't regret it! 

Stephanie A.

I absolutely love this store! I've been looking for an anti-wrinkle solution and decided to purchase the HelloSkin HIFU device and I noticed an immediate difference after just one use! Communication with Bold Skincare has been elite-level. I joined their BOLD VIP membership and took advantage of the discount. You wont regret it! 

Gloria F.

Join the BOLD VIP membership! I love getting their special deals. I took advantage of a sale they had and bought myself a beautiful facial steamer, a vanity makeup mirror and collagen eye masks! If you're an impulsive buyer, beware... This store is amazing! 

Virginia P.
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