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Bold Skincare

High Frequency Facial Wand

Bold Skincare High Frequency Facial Wand For Acne, Skin tightening And Hair Growth

Bold Skincare

High Frequency Facial Wand

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What is High Frequency?

Our high frequency facial wand uses glass electrodes to deliver argon gas to the skin, generating oxygen compounds that eliminates acne-causing bacteria. This reduces skin inflammation and improves your skin's defenses against bacteria. Direct high frequency vibrations to the skin increases activity in the basal layer. This leads to a refined skin texture and a more radiant skin complexion. 


✔️  Used by beauticians worldwide: Our high frequency facial machine is a portable professional grade skin care device used to treat skin conditions. 

✔️  Improve circulation: High frequency facials can improve circulation to the treated areas of your skin to encourage blood flow and nutrition to your skin and scalp. 

✔️  Healthy skin: When used on on your face and neck, the high frequency wavelengths stimulate your skin cells to tighten which reduces wrinkles and fine lines and encourage pore shrinking.

✔️ Cystic and active acne: Our high frequency wand produces ozone for sterilization of harmful, acne causing bacteria on your face and improve the PH value of your skin which can help you maintain acne free skin long term. 

✔️ Support hair growth: When used on hair it can stimulate hair growth to keep your hair full and luscious. 

Areas to use on



-Body including back and chest


Note: Do not use around your eyes

 How to use

Get powerful results with as little as 5-minutes a day, 2-3 times per week!

1. Plug device in while using.

2. Apply the attachment probe that you want to use.

3. Turn on the device by turning the knob at the base. You will hear a vibrating sound when you do this. Start low and increase strength of frequencies as tolerated. 

4. Place the tip of the probe on your skin and use small circular motions or sweepings motions to treat desired areas.

Note: When you use your wand, you might feel an initial shocking sensation. Ground the device by touching the probe with your finger and then touching your face. Don’t worry, the device is painless, but the shock sensation may take you by surprise! Feel free to use a thin gauze to cover the probes to decrease some of the shock-like sensation.

Product Video

Package includes

1 High Frequency Facial Wand

4 Glass Electrodes:

Comb Probe- Used to stimulate hair follicles and the growth of new hair, increases circulation to your scalp to encourage a healthy flowing hair. 

Mushroom Probe- Used to treat broader areas like your cheeks, forehead and jawline. 

Bend Probe- Used to zap pimples! It can even target deep pimples and improve their appearance in just a couple of days. 

Tongue Probe- Used for smaller, more sensitive areas like dark circles underneath your eyes. 


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Judy V.

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Stephanie A.

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