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Ultimate Guide To At Home Laser Hair Removal: Smooth Skin Edition

Everything You Need to Know About IPL and Laser Hair Removal For Home Use 


Want hair free, smooth skin? Of course you! 

Here at Bold Skincare we believe that at home hair removal is the future of beautiful skin.

By now, you have probably heard the hype about IPL and laser hair removal, the technology is the real deal and is now available for use in your own home! 

Professional hair removal procedures are expensive, time consuming  and sometimes extremely embarrassing. The idea of saving hundreds of dollars on hair removal treatments and avoiding all of the annoying hassles of setting up appointments peaks every girl's interest…

But maybe you’re a little confused about hair removal devices? Do you associate hair removal with high end medical spas? Or maybe you’re a bit freaked out about doing this alone at home?

Fear not! There is definitely important information you need to know about IPL and laser hair removal but we’ve made it easy for you by answering any questions that you may have and some you probably never even thought you would have. 

Learn why owning your own laser hair removal machine is probably the best and cheapest solution to permanently reducing unwanted hair. 

Long gone are the days of shaving, waxing and using smelly, irritating creams to remove your body hair!

The information we cover in this guide will be applicable to both IPL and laser hair removal (unless otherwise stated). 

Read until the end to get our Staff Recommendations and to download our easy At home Hair Removal Safety Checklist. 

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Our Laser Hair Removal Guide is over 5,000 words. Feel free to use these links to navigate this guide:

Benefits of IPL and Laser Hair Removal

At Home IPL and Laser Hair Removal Technology Explored

Best At Home Laser Hair Removal: Does At home Laser Hair Removal At Home Actually Work?

Which body parts can I get Laser hair removal on?

 Laser Hair Removal Cost

Treatment Schedule For At Home IPL And Laser Hair Removal 

Is At Home Laser And IPL Hair Removal Safe? 

Things To Avoid Before And After Using You IPL Or Laser Hair Removal Machine 

Permanent Hair Removal: At Home Lasers and IPL Machines

Bold Skincare: Laser Hair Removal Staff Recommendations

 At Home Laser Hair Removal Safety Checklist



Bold Skincare at home laser hair removal model




Benefits Of At Home Laser Hair Removal 


One of the biggest benefits of having your own at home laser hair removal device is the COST! 

Compared to hair removal treatments in a clinic, having your own hair removal machine is extremely economical. You pay once for your hair removal device and you can use it on any and all body parts. You can even do the maintenance treatments long term. We go over the costs of hair removal in more detail later in the article

If you decide that hair removal is a beauty investment you want to make, it is a no brainer to buy your own hair removal device. 

Compare a one time financial investment to a lifetime of buying shavers, creams, waxing sessions and other products used for hair removal. 


At home Laser hair removal devices are extremely safe! 

The FDA has approved IPL and laser hair removal devices for home use

Part of the criteria for this is that the devices must not pass a certain threshold of energy. This is to ensure the safety of these products. We go over detailed safety information later in the article.  


Another benefit of BOTH at home IPL and laser hair removal devices is that they are actually extremely effective! 

Clinical studies have shown over and over that laser hair removal treatments can drastically reduce hair growth. You can also target any part of the body, even the most intimate areas. 

 smooth legs after at home ipl

IPL laser hair removal can help keep your skin healthy. 

Ingrown hairs, nicks and razor rashes from shaving and sore skin from waxing is annoying! Constantly irritating your skin like this can also cause your skin to become less smooth and naturally vibrant, long-term. 

You’ll be happy to learn that your IPL laser hair removal device can help get rid of ingrown hairs and even prevent them from occurring in the first place. Using an IPL laser device can also save your skin from the constant abuse that comes from shaving and waxing. 


At home laser and IPL hair removal sessions are fast.

Sessions can last as little as a few minutes for small areas and 15 minutes for larger areas. 

You can perform your laser hair removal treatments in the comfort of your own home and around your own schedule.  


Our at home IPL and laser hair removal devices can be used for years!

Our hair removal device has over 1 million flashes which gives it an estimated lifetime of over 40+ years. This is the longest lasting hair removal device on the market right now, guaranteed!

Some laser devices require lotions, gels or replacement lamps. 

This is true, many at home IPL hair removal devices require other products to make their device work well. Yet other devices need replacement lamps because their device runs out of IPL flashes quickly.

Make sure you are aware of this before you buy your own IPL laser hair removal device because that will create unnecessary costs in the long run. 

Our IPL and laser hair removal devices do not require any creams or lotions during treatment nor does it require replacement lamps. The lifetime of our product is enough to last over 40 years. 

Check out our very own hair removal devices here


One of the biggest benefits of buying your own laser hair removal device is comfort! 

Typical hair removal sessions experience at a clinic go something like this: 

You start off by driving to your nearby (or not so nearby) hair removal clinic hoping that there is no traffic and plenty of parking available. You run into some mild traffic, not too bad. But it takes a few extra minutes to find parking because it is rush hour time after all. 

You get out of your car and walk into the clinic hoping you remembered to turn off your hair straightener. 

You sign in the front desk for your appointment and the front desk girl tells you there’s a 15 minute wait…. Which really turns out to be more like 25 minutes, but who’s counting. Beauty comes with some sacrifices, right? 

So you get called in to the room by the technician who will perform the hair removal. 

Now starts the…. Interesting experience. She walks you into the room, everything looks sterile, it's clear white and undeniably cold (needed to keep skin and machines cool). The technician asks you to undress and reveal whatever treatment areas you are treating. 

You notice the door is unlocked and feel extremely nervous that someone is going to barge through the door by accident and see all your goods in full display. You want to mention it to the technician, she seems nice enough, but you don’t want to be THAT person

So you’re extra careful with how you start revealing your body, when you suddenly see the technician walk to the door and lock it quickly. What a relief! 

Anyhow, you continue taking off your clothes carefully because...well... It’s just weird to have a stranger look at you naked inside of an empty room. 

Today, you’re getting Brazilian laser hair removal, so the technician gives you a towel to put over yourself. You did it, you took your clothes off and covered your intimate areas without any hiccups. Success! 

To be honest, you still feel quite exposed. But you do what you do because you really want the soft smooth hair free skin you’ve always wanted. Heck you’re paying an arm and a leg for it! 

After 20 minutes of awkwardly sitting on an examining table in a let's say, vulnerable position and having someone up close and personal, you’re done! 

Until the next time! You put your clothes back on, set up your next appointment and go back home to continue your day to day. 

Wasn’t too bad you think to yourself. Hopefully the next session goes okay too. 

Truth is, this is a pretty common laser hair removal experience. Awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassing but tolerable. But it doesn’t have to be this way! 

With your own IPL hair removal device you have the convenience of treating your skin at any time of the day in the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to worry about making appointments or rescheduling. 

You can even take your hair removal device with you on trips and vacations. 


Privacy is another benefit of owning your own hair removal device.

You don’t need anyone in the room using the laser on you, you can do it yourself. This is especially beneficial if you want to target more private areas of your body. You don't have to reveal your body to a stranger. Your own IPL hair removal device allows you to focus on areas of your body that are more important to you and may be hairier than others. 

Check out our very own IPL Hair Removal Device for home use. 





At Home IPL and Laser Hair Removal Technology Explored


Is IPL hair removal the same as laser hair removal? 

These terms are often used interchangeably and often referred to as ‘IPL laser hair removal’. 

They are different, but they do in fact work very similar. IPL devices use a range of wavelengths to target follicles while laser devices use just one wavelength to target hair roots.  


Best at home laser hair removal: Diode Lasers

Diode laser hair removal devices are the gold standard in laser hair removal in terms of safety and efficacy.

Diode lasers are used in professional grade equipment in medical offices.

More recently, diode laser hair removal devices at home devices have become available, but there are only a few products available for home use. 

You can check out our very own SilkPro Diode Laser to learn more. 

 IPL verus laser hair removal

IPL versus Diode Lasers for hair removal

Diode lasers are more powerful than IPL hair removal devices so they do require FDA approval. For this reason, there are only a few devices available on the market for home use. 

Diode laser technology is the same type of laser your dermatologist likely uses in-office.  

IPL devices use a broad spectrum of light whereas diode laser technology uses one single wavelength of light. 

Diode laser hair removal devices for hair removal will be more expensive than IPL devices. This is because the technology used in these Diode lasers is more expensive.

Similar to IPL hair removal, diode lasers work best on lighter skin and darker hair colors. However, diode lasers can be used on slightly darker skin tones than IPL hair removal devices. 


How does IPL and Laser hair removal work? 

IPL stands for intense pulsed light and is a broadband energy source. Both Laser and IPL devices target the hair follicles and prevent it from growing back. 

The hair follicles then enter a resting phase and hair growth stops in its tracks. Over time the hair in these follicles grow slower and thinner. 

The dark pigments in hair absorb the light energy from these hair removal devices. The hair follicle heats up and destroys areas in the hair root. Basically, it targets the colors that are found in hair and not the colors in the skin or surrounding tissues. 

This is true for most skin colors, except for the darkest skin tones. Melanin is also found within skin. If someone has dark skin that is similar in color to their hair, the melanin in the skin will absorb the energy from the hair removal device just like the hair will. This can burn the skin. 

Read below to learn about using IPL and laser hair removal devices on dark skin. 



At home laser hair removal bold skincare



Best At Home Laser Hair Removal: Does At home Laser Hair Removal At Home Actually Work? 

Absolutely! At home Laser and IPL hair removal works extremely well!

There is over 20 years of research to support both laser and IPL technology for effective hair removal

This same technology is used at medical clinics and spas across the world. More recently, technology has boomed and at home devices are now a reality. 

Check out our very own at home laser hair removal device.  

Results for Laser Hair Removal vary based on a number of factors including skin and hair color, hair thickness and density, genetics, hormones and effective use of the  device. 

We know everyone is different and people will respond to ANY treatment differently. It’s basic human physiology. This just means that it may take more sessions for some to achieve a desired result. At the same time someone else can maintain longer lasting results with less effort. 




Which body parts can I get Laser hair removal on?

This depends on the device and varying skin tones in different parts of the body. 

Our At Home Laser Hair Removal device can zap away even the most stubborn hairs in hard to reach places.


Facial Hair Removal: Can you use laser and IPL hair removal devices on your face? 

Yes, but it depends…. And don’t forget to ALWAYS start on the lowest settings.

Laser Hair Removal devices work by targeting pigments in dark hair. The hair on the face tends to be light, thin hair, which means that IPL laser energies may not target them. 

If you have darker coarse hair on your face, then yes, IPL hair removal devices will work on those hairs. 

Our hair removal device can be used BELOW the cheeks, NEVER ABOVE THE CHEEKS

Always use below the cheeks as no at home hair removal device is FDA approved for use above the cheeks. 


Upper lip laser hair removal: Be mustache free! 

As stated above, if the hair in this area is light and thin, the IPL Lasers may not work efficiently. If the hair in your upper lip is a bit on the thicker, coarser side, it will work as advertised!

Be sure to start at the lowest energy settings as this area of the face is sensitive! 

Remember that IPL technology works by targeting melanin pigment in dark colors, this is the reason why it targets hair and not skin. 


Bikini laser hair removal

The bikini area is easily one of the top 3 areas of hair free zones desired by all women! 

Both Laser and IPL hair removal devices work extremely well in this area. It is one of the most common areas that women seek laser hair removal for. 

 Laser hair removal brazilian bold skincare

Brazilian laser hair removal

Brazilian hair removal is similar to the Bikini but sufficiently distinct… Brazilian includes areas that are more intimate and sensitive. 

These areas have naturally darker skin tones than the rest of your body, so be cautious in these areas and start at low intensity levels

Shaving in these areas is one of the most annoying experiences that women have to endure. Say Goodbye to struggling to hide ugly razor bumps and those awful ingrown hairs! 


Underarm laser hair removal: Armpit hair removal is here 

Underarm hair is another top 3 most popular areas where women desire to be hair free. Nothing is more annoying than feeling those stubbles growing back after shaving and waxing.

Much like the brazilian area, the underarms tend to have darker skin tones than the rest of your body, so be cautious in these areas and start at low intensity levels. 


Laser Hair Removal Cost 

Cost of laser hair removal

Both IPL And Laser hair removal in a clinic is expensive! 

The cost of hair removal depends on the size being treated, number of treatments, who is performing the procedure, and part of the country you live in. 

Most doctors recommend at least 6 laser hair removal sessions per area that you want treated plus regular maintenance sessions, with sessions costing $250-300 each. 

But how much is too much? And are these high prices really necessary to get smooth, hairless skin? 

The average price of laser hair removal treatments run into the $2,000-3,000 range or more if you need a few more sessions than the average gal… That is seriously expensive! 

Check our very own At Home Laser Hair Removal.


Is buying a laser hair removal machine for home use worth it? 

This is a personal question depending on your specific situation but let's look into what at home Laser Hair Removal can offer.  

Both Laser and IPL hair removal work extremely well but when performed at a clinic laser hair removal prices easily add up into the thousands. 

Bikini line laser hair removal cost: $200-500 per session

Upper lip laser hair removal cost: $100-200 per session

Laser hair removal face cost: $300-700 per session

Laser hair removal legs cost: $300-700 per session

Owning your own at home hair removal machine is ASTRONOMICALLY CHEAPER than going to a clinic. However, if you prefer to be pampered by someone else, medical office treatments are probably your best option. 


Why is hair removal at a clinic so expensive? 

You are paying for a service. This service provided by a clinic includes having to pay for cosmetic machines, medical supplies, a laser technician or physician, rent, front desk staff, and of course profit (they are a business after all). 


 at home laser hair removal Bold Skincare



Treatment Schedule For At Home IPL and Laser Hair Removal 


IPL Hair Removal At Home Treatment Schedule

We recommend weekly sessions for 12 weeks. 

After these 12 weeks, we recommend maintenance sessions to maintain your smooth skin. These maintenance sessions can be done on an as needed basis, usually once every one to two months. 

These maintenance sessions continue to target hair follicles so the more maintenance that you provide to your skin the longer your hair free results will be. 

Do not use your IPL hair removal device every day. 

This will not increase the speed of hair removal and it can instead cause severe skin irritation. 


You need to continue at home IPL hair removal  maintenance sessions because hair growth is still possible after IPL hair removal treatments.  

With time the body can heal the damage done to the hair follicles by your IPL treatments. 

Also, some hairs may be in the dormant stage and then later move to the growth stage. The hair follicles that are now in the growth stage need to be treated. This is why treatments should be done over a period of time and maintenance sessions should continue as needed.

A maintenance session every month is much more enjoyable than weekly plucking or shaving. It is definitely less painful and uncomfortable than waxing and using epilators. 

 Maintenance treatments are needed to maximize your hair removal results.


At home laser hair removal treatment schedule 

To start, we recommend laser hair removal  sessions every week for at least 4 months (though feel free to continue weekly sessions for up to  6 months total). 

After this initial trial, we recommend maintenance sessions to maintain your smooth skin. These maintenance sessions can be done on an as needed basis, usually once every once a month. 

Remember that you will need to continue maintenance sessions because hair growth is still possible after laser hair removal treatments. You want to catch hair follicles during their growth phase which can only happen if you are consistent with your treatments. 


What to expect with at home laser hair removal

1-3 laser hair removal sessions: You may start to see hair falling off early on but do not be surprised if you still see hair in that area growing. Treated hair may not fall out right away. 

*Note: The hair root may have been treated but the hair may still be rooted within the follicle. These trapped hairs will fall out with time as you exfoliate your skin and your skin renews. 

4-6 laser hair removal sessions: You should start seeing less hair and smoother skin. The hair should start to be finer and thinner. Most people will begin to notice reduction in hair at this point. 

Continue weekly treatments for 12 weeks.You should see less hair as weeks pass and you should feel larger areas of smooth skin. Hairs should become finer as time passes. 


Is the stage of hair growth important when using my hair removal machine? 

Yes, the stage of hair growth makes a huge difference. 

Stages of Hair Growth and IPL-Laser Hair Removal

Stage 1- Anagen phase is the active growth phase. This is the phase where hair removal devices need to work. 

Stage 2- Catagen phase is the stage where there is no growth.

Stage 3 Telogen phase is where the follicle is inactive. 

Hairs in the body go through these 3 phases but the duration of each cycle is different in each area. This is why it is necessary to perform IPL hair removal treatments over time to catch hairs in the anagen growth phase. 




Is At Home Laser and IPL Hair Removal Safe? 

Without a doubt.. the answer is YES! 

Over 20 years of research has shown that BOTH Laser and IPL Hair Removal technology is in fact a very safe and effective method of hair removal. 

The track record for both ipl and laser hair removal is strong. For this reason IPL and laser home treatments are becoming extremely popular. 

Check out our very own Hair Removal Device for home use.  


Not everyone is suitable for IPL hair removal treatment. 

Read our Safety Checklist below to make sure that your skin tone is suitable for IPL hair removal. 

IPL hair removal treatment is not safe for people who may be taking certain medications that can make you more sensitive to light. 

Advisory: Keep in mind that the laws regarding who can operate these devices in medspa clinics are very loose. There is only one state, New Jersey, that requires a medical doctor to perform these procedures. 

The lasers used in clinic settings are more powerful and can cause damage to your skin.

 Before you undergo an in-office treatment, you are required to sign a liability form that states that you are aware of the risks and you cannot hold that clinic liable for any damages.

If you decide to go the clinic route, make sure you have an experienced technician or physician performing your treatments!


Laser hair removal for men

Men can be shy about seeking out laser hair removal treatments but the number of men looking at laser hair removal options to get rid of body hair has been on the rise, fast! 

Both Laser and IPL hair removal treatments can work on men with just as much success as women. 

It is recommended that men use this device on the chest, back, arms, stomach and legs.

Note: Men tend to have coarser body hair which may require slightly longer treatment schedules than women. 

laser hair removal bikini bold skincare

Does laser hair removal hurt? 

IPL lasers hurt more than shaving but less than waxing. 

The most common description of how it feels to get IPL hair removal is a rubber band being snapped against the skin. It is not pleasant but not particularly painful.

Laser Hair Removal is commonly described similarly but can be slightly more intense. 

Of course, everyone has different pain tolerance. Some people report no pain or discomfort while others report mild discomfort. In rare cases, the pain can be extreme. 

For the majority of people undergoing laser and IPL hair removal, the flashes feel like warmth against the skin. 

Some areas are more sensitive for laser hair removal than others such as ankles, thighs, bikini line and under arms. 

Hair near the underarms and bikini line are naturally thicker and denser therefore you may be more aware of the laser energies that in other areas.

People with darker skin tones tend to report more pain with IPL hair removal than those with lighter skin tones. 

If you feel uncomfortable, you can easily turn down the intensity levels. 

Safe skin colors for IPL and laser hair removal

One of the very first steps in your hair removal journey is to make sure it is safe to use these devices on your skin. 

Darker skin tones are more sensitive to the light in IPL and laser hair removal devices. 

This is because the melanin pigment in darker skin is similar to that in hair. That means that darker skin will be targeted just as the hair would. 

bold skincare Fitzpatrick Scale for skin tones

The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Chart ranges from Type I which is the lightest and palest color skin through to Type VI which is very dark brown or black skin. 

The device strictly targets certain wavelengths of pigment and if your skin is darker and falls within that range, then it can cause discomfort and burns to the skin.  

The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Chart is a commonly used method to classify skin types. 

Our Laser and IPL Hair Removal Machines will work on Fitzpatrick Skin Types I through IV

Fitzpatrick Skin Types V and VI, the darkest skin types, require special lasers. 


IPL-Laser hair removal for dark skin

Generally, hair removal for dark skin using IPL and laser devices may require more sessions as compared to lighter skin. Depending on the device used, lower intensities may be required which prolongs treatment time. 


Safest Hair Removal Laser For Dark Skin Tones 

The safest laser technology for hair removal on dark brown and black skin is ND:YAG lasers. 

For darker skin types we recommend using an Nd:Yag laser which has a longer wavelength (1064nm). This laser has the most research showing its safety and effectiveness for hair removal in dark skin tones. 

The wavelength used by the Nd:Yag laser is not highly absorbed by melanin which makes it the safest laser to use on dark skin.


Will laser and IPL hair removal work for everyone? 

As stated above, it wont work on the darkest skin tones. 

Also, IPL Laser Hair Removal will not work if you have very light blonde, red, white or grey hair. This is because these colors do not have the melanin pigment that laser hair removal devices target.


Laser and IPL hair removal does not cause cancer

Research has not found any link between IPL or laser hair removal devices and cancer. 

These hair removal devices do not work in the UV range which means there is no exposure to UV radiation. 

In addition, the IPL and laser technology is able to penetrate the skin to affect hair follicles, they are not designed to penetrate any deeper. This means that any underlying tissues and organs would not be affected by this technology. 

IPL and laser hair removal does not cause infertility. 

As stated above, these devices will not penetrate past the hair follicles and into underlying tissues and organs. 

We do not recommend IPL or laser hair removal while pregnant or breastfeeding.

There have been no studies looking at the effects of IPL treatments on pregnant or breastfeeding women, therefore we do not advise that you use the device under these circumstances. 

Laser and IPL hair removal devices should not be used over dark moles, freckles or spots. 

Any dark coloration of the skin will contain the pigment melanin and result in absorption of the laser energy. Do not use on dark coloration of the skin. 

If moles, freckles, spots are light, then laser devices can be used over them because they do not have the dark melanin pigment that absorbs the IPL energy. 

Do not use IPL or laser hair removal devices on tattoos.

Tattoos have pigments in them that will absorb the IPL energies just like the hair will. This can cause burns to tattooed areas of the body.   

When to see a doctor after IPL or Laser Hair Removal Session

If you experience prolonged burns, excessive redness and swelling around follicles for over 3 days.


Bold Skincare Is laser hair removal safe


Things To Avoid Before And After Using Your IPL or Laser Hair Removal Machine 


Things to avoid before your IPL or laser hair removal treatments

Avoid aggressive scrubs, glycolic acids and retinol products within two days of treatment. 

Avoid chemical peels and tanning (sun or fake) 2 weeks before and after treatments. 

Skin bleaching and lightening before at home hair removal treatments

This depends on the specific method and products used. 

Some products effectively lighten the skin and this can be beneficial for IPL treatments as there will be less melanin in the skin. 

Some products give the appearance for skin lightening by targeting the hairs in the area. Do not use such products as this will decrease the melanin of the hair and does not actually lighten the skin. 

Tanning is not recommended before undergoing at home laser hair removal, nor between sessions. 

We suggest you plan your tanning schedule as far away from sessions as possible. We recommend avoiding tanning for 2 weeks prior to and after your treatment.


At home IPL and laser hair removal aftercare

Your skin will be more sensitive after your hair removal treatments. Protect your skin from the sun by avoiding sun exposure. Cover up with long sleeves and use SPF 30+ sun lotion

Avoid artificial tanning beds. 


Do not wax, pluck or use an epilator before or after your hair removal treatments.

These procedures pull out hair deep from the follicles. This means that the IPL hair removal device cannot target the hair roots effectively during treatment if you wax, pluck or use an epilator between sessions.


Shaving before your at home IPL and laser hair removal treatments is recommended and encouraged.

It is also recommended to shave between treatments. 

Shaving before treatment can be done up to 24 hours before you use your device. 

Shaving is recommended to reduce stinging sensation. Any hair above the skin level will absorb the IPL energy which means less energy will travel down to the follicle which is where you want the energy to concentrate. 

Be careful not to cut your skin while shaving as this can cause sensitive skin and cause pain if you use the IPL hair removal device over this open wound. Do not use your at home IPL or laser hair removal device over open cuts in the skin. 


Moisturizing after hair removal sessions

It is recommended to use a gentle, fragrance free lotion after your sessions. We recommend an aloe vera lotion due to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Do not use retinol products after laser hair removal treatments

Retinol can be irritating to sensitive skin after IPL treatments. You also want to avoid glycolic acids, chemical peels, aggressive scrubs

After treatments you want to let your skin breathe. Avoid synthetic clothing that compresses your skin as this can cause irritation. 

Also avoid using deodorant after treating your underarms as it will very likely cause irritation. 



permanent hair removal bold skincare

Permanent Hair Removal: At Home Lasers and IPL Machines 

One thing you can count on us for is our honesty. We’re proud to provide you with the BEST BEAUTY INFORMATION that is based on science, testimonials and customer experiences! 

The FDA has approved Laser and IPL Hair Removal for hair reduction. 

By law, no company can legally advertise that their Hair Removal devices or procedures can provide permanent hair removal. This includes companies like us, as well as doctors offices. So watch out for sneaky advertising claims that may be overstepping boundaries! 




Bold Skincare: Laser Hair Removal Staff Recommendations

As you may have noticed, we have two hair removal devices in our store. One IPL device and one Diode Laser. It's so hard to choose one device over the other because they are both currently the best devices in their class. 

But...we're going to give our Bold Skincare IPL device the slight edge for two reasons.

One is, that it is the longest lasting IPL laser hair removal device on the market with 1 million flashes (estimated 40-year life time). This is more than double the number of flashes that the next closest competitor offers! It simply blows EVERYONE out of the water. 

The second reason is price. Yes yes yes, we make less money by choosing the cheaper product as our staff recommendation but here at Bold Skincare, we care about you!

Our two hair removal devices are neck-to-neck from a quality standpoint but our IPL laser is almost half the price of our diode laser. If you want to be extra boujee and want one of the few real diode lasers available in the market, our SilkPro laser is for you. You can expect slightly faster results.

But the truth is, that if you prefer to save a couple hundred dollars, our Bold Skincare IPL Laser can't be beat. It is hands down the best hair removal device in the market right now! That's what hundreds of our customers think. Check out reviews on the product page. 





At Home Laser Hair Removal Safety Checklist 

Before you buy any IPL or Laser hair removal device for home use, go through this checklist. This will help identify any red flags that may prevent you from being a good candidate for at home hair removal. 

Once you go through a quick screening, we laid out a step by step prep for starting your hair free journey in the comfort of your own home. 

Click here for a free PDF version of this Safety Checklist. 


1. Do you have any skin conditions that you see a doctor for? 

    Do you have any hormonal conditions that you see a doctor for? 

    Are you taking any antibiotics or have you taken any within the past 2 weeks?

    Do you have a history of scarring? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, we advise that you DO NOT purchase an at home hair removal device AT THIS MOMENT. 

You need to get cleared by your medical doctor before moving forward. 

If you are taking antibiotics or have taken them within the past 2 weeks, wait until 2 weeks have passed since your last dose of antibiotics, then you can proceed to using your Laser or IPL hair removal device. 

2. Fitzpatrick Skin Type    

You are likely eligible if: You have Skin Type I-IV

You may not be eligible if: You have Skin Type V or VI 

3. Hair Color

You are likely eligible if: You have dark colored hair like brown and black

You may not be eligible if: You have red, grey, light blonde colored hair

4. If you’ve made it this far,congratulations! That means that an IPL or laser hair removal device will very likely work on your skin. Now prep your skin for at home treatments.

  -Avoid sun tanning, bed tanning and chemical peels for at least 2 weeks

  -Do not use aggressive scrubs, glycolic acids and retinol products within 2 days of treatment

5. One to two days before you plan on using your hair removal device, carefully shave your hair with a sharp razor. 

6. Immediately before using your IPL or laser hair removal device, gently wash your skin and make sure to fully dry the area. 

7. Test Patch

Bold skincare Spot Test

Choose one small area in your lower leg and start with the lowest intensity level.

Increase the intensity level as you apply pulses down your leg as show in the image above. 

You will repeat this process up to the intensity levels that remains tolerable with a different spot for each intensity level. You don't have to get up to the highest energy setting, using a comfortable and tolerable setting is perfectly fine. 

Look for any redness or pain in the area. If you notice some mild sensitivity with higher intensity levels, this is normal. Just lower, the intensity level as tolerated. If this occurs, after 3 days, it should improve dramatically. 

A Patch Test for At Home IPL Laser Hair Removal is important because it confirms that the device is safe for your skin. This will drastically reduce any chances of burning your skin. 

Note: Some areas like brazilian and underarms are naturally darker than the rest of your body. Always start off at lower energy settings in these areas. Consider doing another Patch Test for these areas and sticking to lower energy levels. 

8. If your patch test is normal, you are ready to start using your hair removal device. The journey for hair free smooth skin can begin! 

The truth is, our at home hair removal devices are extremely safe. We just want to make sure we cover even the more sensitive skin types and possibilities while giving you the confidence to perform your own treatments at home, safely. 

Click here for a free PDF version of this Safety Checklist.

Check out Bold Skincare’s very own at home IPL Hair Removal Device  and our SilkPro Laser Hair Removal Device. 

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